Bosch Beton - Structuurwanden voor hoogteverschil bij station Chèvremont
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Chèvremont station in Kerkrade more accessible

ProRail is working on the National Accessibility programme in the coming years. The aim is to make stations more accessible for people with impaired motor skills. Chèvremont station in Kerkrade was the first station Dura Vermeer implemented in the programme for ProRail. Bosch Beton supplied special structural retaining walls to handle the height difference.

Large-scale maintenance

Part of the National Accessibility programme involves changing all platforms at stations throughout the Netherlands to the uniform height. This includes activities such as changing the height of the platform structures and/or track alignment. This requires large-scale maintenance and replacement of platforms at various train stations, such as the replacement of retaining walls ensuring that all platforms meet the minimum height standard of 76 centimetres.

Height difference

Bosch Beton was involved in modifying the first station in the ProRail programme at Chèvremont station in Kerkrade. Dura Vermeer implemented the project here. In the former situation, an 80-metre-long ramp handled the height difference of seven metres between the station entrance hall and the platform. In the new situation, the ramp has been extended to 180 metres and comprises three ramps. Stairs have been added at the end of the first ramp as shortcut to the platform. Our L retaining walls with heel were selected to handle the height difference of seven metres and the limited space for the work.

Structural walls

To prevent everything ending up as an unappealing greyness, landscape architect Vollmer & Partners produced a design based on the railway layout of the Kijfhoek rail sidings. Bosch Beton further detailed the design and applied this to the walls. With a fantastic end result!


Dura Vermeer chose the Bosch Beton retaining walls due to the quality, the 3D design that they could transfer straight to their own design, the practical contribution of ideas for solutions and the short consultation lines. Chèvremont station was the first location within the project in which our retaining walls were used.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for railways, please feel free to contact our consultants.