Plaatsing Bosch Beton sleufsilo in Bellac, Frankrijk
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Retaining wall solutions

Bosch Beton retaining walls can be used in a variety of ways. Whether for a silage clamp or for manure storage, scrap metal, sand, pulp, or anything else. They can also be used to create a driveway or parking area, as soil or water retaining or to compensate for height differences. Whatever the question or the problem is, however complicated, together we will find the best tailor-made solution for your situation.

Retaining wall solutions

Bosch Beton - Afvalbeheerder Schenk Recycling omringd met keerwanden

Terrain fencing

Retaining walls can also serve as a dividing wall, a subtle terrain fencing or to block the view of a less attractive view. Whether or not they simultaneously serve as soundproofing or burglar alarms.

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Binnenopslag met Bosch Beton keerwanden


Storage systems such as a trench silo, a hall at a farmer’s premises, bulk storage or an environmental site are easy to create using retaining walls. Both in the agricultural and GWW sectors.

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Sleufsilo gebruikt voor mestopslag

Manure storage

For manure storage, a silage clamp can be quickly realised with Bosch Beton retaining walls. Accessories such as pigeon-holes and plates make the storage complete and ready for use.

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Our retaining walls are often part of major changes in and around railways. For example, the entrance to stations or the replacement of platform walls.

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Waterkering bij sportcomplex De Zilk in Noordwijkerhout met Bosch Beton keerwanden


A retaining wall retains (excess) water and prevents flooding.

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Road and traffic

Traffic loads and passages such as driveways, car parks, waste disposal facilities and embankments can be solved with retaining walls of various types and sizes.

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Bosch Beton sleufsilo voor OL Biogas in Langå (Denemarken)


A clean, orderly and profitable raw material storage is of great importance for the biogas digester. With retaining walls, you are guaranteed a maximum return on your raw materials.

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Bosch Beton - Station Chevremont in Kerkrade toegankelijker


Round, bevelled, coloured, thickened, with structure or radius? Or the bio retaining wall with insect shelters and cut-outs for planting. There is a solution for every demand.

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Silage clamp

Good roughage is the basis for everything. To reduce losses and limit the purchase of additional roughage, a good silage clamp is important.

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Soil and garden

Retaining walls are very suitable for absorbing differences in height, for example at a bridge or viaduct. Or to create a level difference in a garden.

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