Building a solid future

‘Building a solid future’ is our promise to our customers and we aim to realise this in the broadest sense of the word. What is built today needs to contribute to tomorrow’s future. If a customer chooses Bosch Beton retaining walls, we want to ensure that the customer is making a sustainable choice. And that demands more than just doing what we have always done. It demands constant innovation as well as daring to take a critical look ahead. Within Bosch Beton, every day, we keep a close eye on the legitimacy of our products and test our working methods against the criteria of the next generation. This enables us to assure our customers that when they use our products they are helping to build a solid future.


We see customers as partners. And we like to start sustainable relationships with our partners and stay committed to them. We aim for a relationship that is future-proof and in which our customers can rely on and trust Bosch Beton. This means that we are always ready to provide personal advice and in particular that our advice is honest and sincere. Because that is the only way we can offer our customers the best customised solution. We enjoy contributing our ideas in developing customised solutions for special challenges, but we also dare to take on the challenge of realising these. We guarantee the quality of our products, but we are also there for you if a problem occurs later. We stick to our agreements on pricing and delivery and placement within the set timeframes. We also make sure that expectations are clear in advance.



Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI)

In the future, projects must be implemented in a climate neutral and circular way so that they contribute to a sustainable living environment. The ECI (Environmental Cost Indicator) was initiated for this. External certification bodies use a fixed method to formulate the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which produces the ECI value. The ECI is a fictive price that reflects the costs you would need to make to compensate for the negative environmental impact of producing a product. This helps clarify for government agencies and consumers how polluting a product really is and enables people to reach better comparisons.

The ECI value of our retaining walls can vary per type and per project. You can request the ECI from our Sales Department based on your request and/or order.

Tendering with ECI

If you want to arrange a sustainable tender with ECI, take a look at Moederbestek (a BouwCirculair initiative) or at DuboCalc (a Rijkswaterstaat initiative). You’ll also find our products there.


Our state-of-the-art factory reflects our vision and mission on sustainability. A sustainable product’s success is determined by its sustainable production process. Therefore, our building has been designed around the production process, so that we can work in the most technically efficient and sustainable way. A possible second life for the factory was also incorporated in the design. For instance, the building can be fully dismantled and recycled at the end of its service life. The first sustainable concrete factory in the Netherlands was built in accordance with BREEAM-NL Outstanding (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

Sustainable innovation

We need cooperation within the chain and the sector, and with the government to be able to innovate and realise new products, raw materials and norms and standards. Our customers can then also benefit from that network and from the expertise gained.

That is why we are affiliated with various networks and work together with different organisations and initiators.


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Voor een lopend project hadden we met spoed wat keerelementen nodig. Werd snel geregeld en geleverd zodat wij onze werkzaamheden vlot konden doorzetten. Fijne samenwerking
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Goede service en snelle levering.
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Je wordt geholpen door deskundige medewerkers en altijd een vlotte afwikkeling van offerte tot aan opdracht.
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prijsaanvraag even na moeten bellen, maar na uitleg dat er druk achter zat ook direct opgepakt en georganiseerd.
Van offerte tot levering een snelle en soepele afhandeling. Het assortiment en de prijzen waren ook gunstiger i.v.m. directe concurrenten. De kleine keerwandjes zouden wat mij betreft wel kogelkopankers mogen hebben.
Goed, de keerwanden en betonplaten geleverd op ons project zijn van hoge kwaliteit (maatvastheid)
Goed, kwaliteit van de geleverde producten is hoog. Transport kon snel en goed geregeld worden, chauffeurs hebben de producten geplaatst en dit ging met goed vakmanschap/handigheid met de kraan op vrachtwagen. Door Bosch zijn wij in het hele traject goed geadviseerd en op de hoogte gehouden.
Snel een duidelijke offerte, Scherpe prijs, Goede tot uitstekende kwaliteit van het product, Wordt goed meegedacht in maatwerk oplossingen, hoeken. Prettig contact, Vooral zo doorgaan in de toekomst!
Goede Service , levering prima volgens afspraak
Goed contact met verkoop en na opdrachtverlening wordt dit netjes afgehandeld
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