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Winners Bosch Beton silage clamp win campaign announced!

The drawing of our silage clamp win campaign took place recently. The notary came by to draw two winners and today we are officially announcing these winners!

22 May 2024

Winner in Belgium

For the first winner of our action we traveled to family Duhr in Burg Reuland (Belgium). On their farm in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes, a Bosch Beton silage clamp was delivered last March.

We are going to donate some of the money to charity. Together with some friends, we have a project in Africa where we help people set up small farms so they can make a living independently. They could really use the money!‘ said the lucky winner.

Winner in Germany

The Brüning family in Loop (Germany) was completely overwhelmed as soon as we handed them the €30,000 prize. Their new silage clamp will be delivered in June and they were far too busy preparing for the construction of this silage clamp to think about the win!

Wow, I am speechless! Amazing, we are going to celebrate this extensively tonight with a bottle of champagne‘ said winner Hubert Brüning.

Silage clamp win campaign

Bosch Beton has heart for the farmer and therefore we organized a win action for farmers from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. Bosch Beton made a silage clamp available to the value of €20,000 and €30,000 for this 3rd edition of the silage clamp campaign.

Missed your chance to win?

Did you miss our prize draw, but are you interested in a Bosch Beton silage clamp?