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For agricultural use and civil engineering

Bosch Beton aims to be a sound partner for its customers and in its partnerships. We’ve been doing that for some fifty years, both at home and abroad. Our top priority is to work with our customers to develop sustainable retaining wall solutions customised to every situation or challenge. We have articulated this in our corporate story, vision, mission and customer promise.


Bosch Beton is an ambitious family firm that manufactures concrete retaining walls from its state-of-the-art factory in Barneveld in the Netherlands and sell these to our customers in the civil engineering and agricultural industry. We do this in the Netherlands and in our neighbouring countries. We offer a customised retaining wall solution for every need. We deliver a high-quality and sustainable product for now and the next generations. Sustainability and innovation have high priority so that we can minimise our own footprint and that of our customers. We are working towards 100% circular production of our retaining walls in the future. ‘Building a solid future’ is our promise to our customers. Supporting customers, personal contact, full service, fast delivery and quality make Bosch Beton a solid partner. Which is why we have sustainability, a pioneering approach, decisiveness, sincerity and loyalty as our key values.


Prefab concrete is a reliable and structural component for use in construction. It is also sustainable as it has a long service life and can be reused. The raw materials currently used, such as cement, are not only polluting, they’re also running out. In the meantime, the world’s population is growing and housing needs are increasing. This situation can be and must be improved. Otherwise we, and the generations coming after us, will have a huge problem.

We believe it’s possible to change this and we’re doing what we can by cooperating towards sustainable production processes on all fronts. We also want to make our concrete retaining walls 100% circular. And we will be searching in the chain for sustainable alternatives to replace raw materials such as cement. ‘Building a solid future’ is something we need to do together.


The sustainability transition in our business processes and our products needs to take place within this generation if our company is to continue in the future and if we are to pass it on to the next generation.

If your company is your child, your employees are your family.

‘For us, this family company almost feels like a child. You love it, care for it and you want the best for it.’

Core values

With our products, we provide customers with the most sustainable solution for all their requirements.
A pioneering approach
We aim for innovative products and work continuously on product development.
And we don’t only think about innovation, improvement, connection and sustainability; we do it too.
Providing honest and expert advice with the right price/quality ratio always comes first for us.
We are committed to our customers and always honour our agreements and obligations.
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Prima advies van Douwe gehad. Dat is ook een van de redenen dat wij voor de elementen van Bosch hebben gekozen. Moest snel geregeld worden en dat is uitstekend gelukt. Bedankt voor de goede samenwerking. Groet MTS Lycklama à Nijeholt. Aiso
Keurig geholpen met een adviseren verkoper
Ik had snel keerwanden nodig. de verkoper heeft mij goed geholpen en gevraagd naar eventueel extra benodigde informatie
Altijd correct en volgens afspraak!!!
We doen al jaren zaken met Bosch beton . Ze werken altijd klantgericht en zoeken de beste oplossing voor wat je wensen zijn. En altijd goed bereikbaar en benaderbaar.
Zeer vriendelijke, adequate afhandeling van gestelde vragen (meedenken) en zeer vlotte correcte afhandeling van de order. topklasse!
Top, fijne mensen die meedenken
Niet in problemen denken maar in oplossingen, Super!
betaalbare topkwaliteit
Voor een dubbeltje zit je nooit op de eerste rij, maar goedkoop is vaak duurkoop. De silowanden van Bosch Beton zijn betaalbaar, maar zeker wel van topkwaliteit .
Snel geholpen
Goed geregeld en snel geholpen
Alles keurig geregeld , volgens afspraak
Wij zijn zeer tevreden over afspraken , overleg met elkaar en levering