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Project preparation and placement

Our Project Preparation department is on hand to offer additional support for big projects. They then visit the building site in advance and coordinate all details with the site construction manager. This includes where the project will start, what delivery sequence we should follow and what preparations are needed beforehand. They use this information to devise a delivery plan to guarantee sound and safe retaining wall delivery.


We discuss the delivery preparation (view the one-minute video) with our customer to ensure smooth and satisfactory wall placement on site. Our team gives clear instructions for this. For example, the unloading point must be accessible and easy for transport to drive on. Sound preparation of the substrate is important for correct wall placement and project progress.

Planning & Logistics

The Planning & Logistics department takes care of all outgoing transport so that our retaining walls reach our customers in the most efficient way possible. The team also makes delivery arrangements, instructs and supervises drivers and monitors stocks and delivery times. We work with regular and experienced drivers to place our retaining walls.

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Placement options

  • Directly from the truck
  • Yourself using a suitable clamp
  • Via telescopic crane and a hydraulic vacuum clamp

Our retaining walls do not include hoisting elements as standard. On request, we can include these when pouring the retaining walls. We work with regular carriers who provide the delivery trailers. We also work with regular and experienced placement drivers who place the walls from their own mobile crane. The placement driver is your point of contact during delivery and oversees the entire delivery and acceptance up to the last delivery trailer. He holds a valid VCA (SCC) and hoisting certificate. One hour’s placement time is included as standard.

Placement directly from the truck

Placement directly from the truck is the most advantageous as it avoids additional unloading and storage operations and guarantees faster placement. Sound preparation of the substrate is important for correct wall placement, as is the presence of an additional qualified staff member to assist our driver on site. It is important that the unloading site is readily accessible along paved roads and is easily passable for a six-axle truck with a maximum total weight of 50 tonnes and a maximum axle load of 12 tonnes per axle. There must also be sufficient space to extend the mobile crane’s outriggers. This placement method is not suitable for deep placement of retaining walls.


Bosch Beton - Keerwanden plaatsen vanaf vrachtwagen

Placement using a clamp

You can place the retaining walls yourself using a clamp. For example, if the site is inaccessible for our truck, or the client wishes to carry out the placement themselves for other reasons. Our retaining walls do not include hoisting elements as standard. You can hire a suitable mechanical or hydraulic clamp, depending on the type and weight of the retaining wall that you wish to place. This clamp is easy to attach to a crane, shovel or dredger. It is important that the maximum liftable weight of the clamp and crane matches the weight of the retaining wall. The retaining wall weight is stated on the retaining wall sticker. Responsibility for suitable placement equipment and safety during execution lies with the client. Any damage incurred during placement is at your own expense.

Bosch Beton - Keerwanden plaatsen met klem

Placement via telescopic crane and hydraulic vacuum clamp

We transport walls higher than 3 metres sideways because of their size. On site, we use our specially designed hydraulic vacuum clamp and/or a mobile crane to tilt the retaining walls. The hydraulic vacuum clamp enables tilting to take place during the placement operation, which again saves construction time. For safety reasons, professional hoisting assistance is always available on site to operate the clamp during such placement. Assistance is only provided if we can place our walls on a sub-structure that has already been properly prepared by the client. The assistants work under the direction of the general foreman and the building rules that apply on site.

Bosch Beton - Keerwanden plaatsen met telekraan en hydraulische vacuümklem

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