Keerwanden van Bosch Beton vormen de basis voor Deens recyclingstation
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Retaining walls form the basis for a new Danish recycling plant

Construction company NCC Danmark A/S used a huge number of retaining wall elements to construct a large and modern recycling plant in Helsingør, Denmark. Following an extensive advice process by the Bosch Beton sales and engineering team, NCC decided to go ahead with purchasing Dutch retaining walls to construct the recycling plant.

Cirklen recycling plant as new recycling location

There are two interesting reasons why the new recycling plant was given the name Cirklen. Translated literally from Danish, it means ‘the circle’ and this is also clear from the recycling plant’s architectural design. After entering, visitors literally drive around the clock two or three times to separate their waste as efficiently as possible at the various sorting points.

But Cirklen also clearly refers to the recycling plant’s sustainable recycling goals. A modern shop has been created next to the drop-off point. Visitors can take away up to three discarded but usable items per day for free here. Good used construction materials are also given a second lease of life at this location.

Customised retaining walls as basis

Bosch Beton’s own engineering team offered support throughout the entire process to provide a total solution for construction company, NCC Danmark A/S. No fewer than 235 retaining walls were used in the construction of this recycling plant, with a large proportion of the retaining walls being customised to realise the round structure. Many retaining walls needed sloping tops, mitring or shortening. Specific customised retaining walls were also produced as specials for certain sections of the recycling plant. The Bosch Beton engineers calculated the maximum load for each application, resulting in L and LR retaining walls being used, both with and without heel. The transport to Denmark and most of the project preparations and placement were also coordinated from Barneveld.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or the customised retaining wall solutions, we can offer for such things as storage, please feel free to contact our consultants.