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Gert van den Bosch started making small cattle grids for himself in 1968. Local farmers increasingly became interested in these grids, which is how Bosch Beton started. Some ten years later, Gert was also producing concrete silage clamp walls. Bosch Beton is now a professional organisation with over sixty employees, producing more than 50,000 prefab retaining walls every year for both agricultural use and for civil engineering.


Gert van den Bosch laid the foundations for Bosch Beton at the back of his farm in Kootwijkerbroek in 1968. He and his wife Gerrie worked there to produce small cattle grids for their own use. They made everything by hand and poured the concrete using an old-fashioned concrete mixer.


First factory

Over time, more and more local framers asked Van den Bosch to produce these grids. The grids had a long service life and were also stronger than standard grids for the stables. Bosch Betonindustrie BV was born. The first factory to produce a wide range of concrete cattle grids was built less than ten years later.


Start of silage clamp wall production

Bosch Beton started expanding its activities to produce silage clamp walls for sustainable preservation of maize and grass in 1980. These retaining walls with buttresses were developed by Van den Bosch himself, devising a construction to make retaining walls even more robust and durable.


Expansion of the range

The range expanded yet further in 1995 with retaining walls of up to 3 metres high. Bosch Beton also expanded its sales territory with dealers in Germany, Belgium and Denmark.


Start of production for civil engineering

From 2008, Bosch Beton no longer only focused on the agricultural market and successfully extended its sales territory to the civil engineering sector. The introduction of a new range increased sales to over 20,000 retaining walls each year. In civil engineering, the retaining walls are used for such things as earth retention systems, water retaining, terrain fencing, landscaping or to cope with height differences.


Second Van den Bosch family generation in the MT

Three of Gert and Gerries’s six children (Brand Jan, Brechtje and Gerard) became members of the management in 2012. From that point on Gerrie, Gert’s wife, focused on the grandchildren and on voluntary work after many years in full-time charge of all sales and office activities.


CSC certificate

Bosch Beton received the international Concrete Sustainability Council Bronze certificate in 2017; the first retaining wall producer in the world to achieve this. This demonstrates that the company produces prefab concrete in an ecological, social and economically responsible way. This global quality mark is and remains the standard for responsible and sustainable production and business operations using four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platina.


Start of construction of and relocation to new factory and takeover

In June 2018, construction started on a new in-house designed, state-of-the-art retaining wall factory on the Harselaar business park in Barneveld. Bosch Beton relocated to its new site on Grote Bosweg in Barneveld exactly one year later, on 1 June 2019. After fifty years, brother and sister Gerard van den Bosch and Brechtje van den Beuken-van den Bosch formally took over the company from their parents on 1 November 2019.


ECI on retaining walls

Bosch Beton keeps on developing and innovating. The ECI value (Environmental Cost Indicator) of our new, more sustainable production method was calculated. We optimised our platform retaining wall for ProRail and developed a new sustainable concrete mixture.  We developed a new, more sustainable concrete mixture: Eco-Mix. The LAS wall and bio-retaining wall were added to the range. And we officially received the BREEAM-NL Outstanding certificate for our sustainable factory.


Bosch Beton abroad

Bosch Beton established a company in Germany in 2014 to enable us to serve our local international markets even better: Bosch Beton GmbH & Co. KG in Kleve. Starting this year, there will also be a Bosch Beton Danmark ApS in Toftlund (Denmark), Bosch Beton België BV in Hasselt (Belgium) and Bosch Béton France SAS in Lille (France).


“This company originated from my love for technology and innovation, because I felt it could be done better.
Always go and stand for quality and the best advice is to be able to deliver from stock. That is the DNA of Bosch Beton, and that is also what I tried to pass on to the 2nd generation. “

Gert van den Bosch – Founder Bosch Beton

Bosch Beton wil een solide partner zijn voor haar klanten en in samenwerkingen.


We work together throughout our chain and within the sector and go for partnerships. This enables us to achieve the best results together.
We don’t only think about far-reaching innovation, improvement, connection and sustainability; we actually do it.
We are committed to our customers and projects and always honour our agreements and obligations, also after delivery.
We are inventive right from the initial design through to the placement of our retaining walls. If we believe something is possible, we dare to go for it.
We have over 50 years’ experience in the field of retaining walls and understand the possibilities better than anyone. Our customers benefit from this expertise as we offer them personal, expert ànd honest advice.
We take our responsibility seriously and make a vital contribution to sustainable retaining wall solutions. We are happy to take the lead in this.
® We do everything with respect