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Three new silage clamps for a bull breeding farm in France

A bull breeding farm in the French Picardy region was looking to expand its roughage storage capacity to be able to provide its growing herd of bull calves with sufficient roughage throughout the year. Bosch Beton contributed ideas about the future of this livestock farm and three new 2.5-metre-high silage clamps were ultimately constructed.

Investing for the future

Raising bull calves requires large quantities of high-quality roughage. This bull breeding farm, located in the north of France, in recent years obtained permits to expand its livestock herd. To be able to also provide his bull calves with sufficient roughage in the distant future, the livestock farmer contacted Bosch Beton for a new roughage storage solution based on a long-term vision.

The new silage clamps were constructed in two phases. In the autumn of 2023, a single silage clamp, 44 metres long with a chamber width of over 13 metres, was constructed. After the successful completion of this phase, construction was started on the second phase in the summer. Two virtually identical clamps were constructed next to each other using a U-shaped retaining wall with a staircase in the middle. Since all clamps were constructed using 250-cm-high retaining wall elements, a total new roughage storage capacity of 4,500 m3 was created.

The importance of a good silage clamp

Good roughage is the basis for everything and means better milk production by your cows. A good silage clamp is important to keep losses to a minimum and limit the purchase of extra roughage. Circular lifecycle thinking and a good silage clamp furthermore yield financial benefits. A Bosch Beton silage clamp will last for many generations, which means the investment pays for itself over time.

More information

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