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Silage clamp campaign winner reinvests in extra silage clamp

Bosch Beton launched the fun ‘Heart for the Farmer’ campaign on Valentine’s Day in 2022, in which participating farmers could win back the price of a silage clamp they’d purchased, to the value of €15,000 or €25,000. From an overwhelming number of participants, the notary picked Amstelveen’s Maatschap Wesselingh from the hat as the winner in the Netherlands. In the end, the Wesselingh family decided to reinvest the money they won in another silage clamp.

Original investment in a new silage clamp

The Wesselingh family’s livestock farm has a long history and, as the new generation, Bart Wesselingh is now at the helm. He and his family are raising a beautiful herd of dairy cows in the heart of a vast nature reserve just below Schiphol Airport. With Amstel river practically in the front garden, it’s a unique location to continue the family farm.

Double investment

After receiving detailed advice from Bosch Beton’s sales consultant, Bart Wesselingh decided to build a brand-new silage clamp to optimise roughage storage for his dairy cows. As they had traditionally produced concrete elements in home-made moulds in the farm’s own machine hall, this was a major change for them. Bart decided to make the purchase in April 2022 to get the upcoming grass season off to a good start, and as this April purchase was during Bosch Beton’s campaign period, he automatically stood a chance of winning back the €15,000 purchase price. As the eventual winner, it came as a big surprise to the unsuspecting Wesselingh family when they finally received a visit from the Bosch Beton team on 9 May 2022. In the end, he decided that same month to reinvest his prize winnings in the construction of another new silage clamp so he could speed up the dairy farm’s modernisation.

LAV Retaining walls

Bart decided to invest in LAV retaining walls, the agricultural retaining walls with an extra-long foot, as these ensure good stability on the Maatschap Wesselingh farm’s peaty soil. He had already purchased 22 LA250V elements during his initial purchase, of which 11 had double lateral drainage. This created a 44-metre-long silage clamp with a net height of 250 cm, sealed with bitumen sealant to ensure a completely liquid and acid-proof finish. After winning the prize, they constructed an identical silage clamp in July 2022, adding 88 metres of new roughage storage prior to the summer. With a design service life of 50 years, Maatschap Wesselingh is now also ready for the next generation. And that generation is clearly well on the way, as the Wesselingh family’s four children are already walking around in Bosch Beton children’s overalls.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for silage clamps, please feel free to contact our consultants.