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Future-proof metamorphosis for tennis and padel club in Zeist

Shot tennis and padel club in Zeist has grown substantially in recent years. Through renovations and expansion of the entire park, they have realised a sustainable and future-proof sports park, in cooperation with Tennis Totaal. Bosch Beton supplied L retaining walls to bridge height difference around the courts

Rapid growth

Shot Zeist has a long history. It was actually the first tennis club in Zeist and was established as far back as 1930. From the very start, the club aimed to be the most sociable and thriving tennis and (later on) padel club in the region. They organise regular activities and tournaments at all levels and for all ages. They also consider it important that they continue to innovate and grow.

That’s why the Zeist tennis and padel club hasn’t rested on its laurels. Over the past six years they have worked with Tennis Totaal to renovate and expand the sports complex in various stages. This cooperation and the Tennis Totaal expertise resulted in a sustainable and future-proof metamorphosis.

The club is in a beautiful location in the middle of the woods in Zeist. It has eleven tennis courts, eight of which are gravel and three are KroPor Matchclay courts. The expansion has resulted in no fewer than nine padel courts and two pickleball courts. With the growth in popularity of padel in recent years, this investment has proved to be a smart move, as the club has grown from around 850 members to over 2,000!

Previous cooperation with Bosch Beton

Tennis Totaal has already constructed many tennis courts and sports pitches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. As well as having the specific machinery and tools, they also have the expertise needed to construct and maintain these sports pitches.

Tennis Totaal contacted Bosch Beton for the supply of retaining walls to bridge the height difference around the courts. Bosch Beton was not unknown to them, as we also had the opportunity to supply retaining walls for an earlier phase of this project in 2019.

Tennis Totaal selected Bosch Beton for various reasons, including the sleek finish and good dimensional stability of Bosch Beton retaining walls. And the possibility of being able to use them even from 100 cm.

Retaining walls for Sports and Leisure activities

Bosch Beton is often involved the modernisation or construction of sports complexes. Our retaining walls are frequently used to bridge ground height difference, as partition walls, or as a multifunctional component such as a tennis wall or staircase wall. We have previously supplied retaining walls for De Kuip football stadium in Rotterdam, around the PEC Zwolle football pitch, at the KNVB grounds and for a multifunctional sports complex in Lichtenvoorde.

At Shot Zeist tennis and padel club, we used L retaining walls of 100 x 400 with heel and the L retaining wall 050 x 400 without heel. The L retaining wall without heel was developed especially for lighter load applications and was used around the padel courts. The L retaining wall with heel was developed especially for medium load applications in civil engineering and was mainly used around the tennis courts.

Using Bosch Beton L retaining walls means you can be certain that you’re making a sustainable choice. Not only sustainable in the sense of an energy-neutral production process, but also sustainable, with our 3rd Generation mixture, in terms of raw material use. The amount of cement in this mixture has been reduced by 50%. We also guarantee a service life of at least 50 years.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or which retaining wall solutions we can customise for sports and leisure, please feel free to contact our civil engineering consultants.