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Retaining walls raise the pitch at PEC Zwolle

Bosch Beton retaining walls were used to raise the artificial turf pitch by 50 cm, bringing PEC Zwolle spectators at the MAC³PARK stadium closer to the pitch. Of course, the sand used to raise the green pitch should not move, which is why, apart from the good standard quality and finish of our products, GreenFields, supplier of artificial turf pitches, chose our concrete retaining walls.

Green pitch

When the multi-functional PEC Zwolle stadium was built in 2008-2009, the football pitch was at ground level. However, this meant that spectators were quite a long distance away. The artificial turf pitch was raised by 50 cm to resolve this problem and create better sightlines from the stands. Artificial turf pitch supplier GreenFields commissioned Bosch Beton to place retaining walls over a distance of 400 metres to keep the sand used to raise the green pitch in place.

Neat and smooth finish

Raising the pitch ensured that the players can now walk onto the pitch from the tunnel, creating great interaction within the stadium between spectators, supporters and players. For spectators, the walls also look attractive with their neat, stunning and smooth finish.

Tight planning

The entire project needed to be completed within eight weeks. This meant tight planning and delivery on time. And that is just what we achieved: we delivered and placed the retaining walls on time and according to agreement.
GreenFields is so delighted with the final result it sees no reason to choose another supplier.


GreenFields is a global sports turf technology supplier and innovator. They specialise in developing, producing, installing and maintaining artificial turf and hybrid sports turf systems.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for sport & leisure or soil & garden, please feel free to contact our consultants.