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Retaining walls enrich Fraxern mountain village in Austria

Fraxern is located in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, close to the Swiss border. Around 2016, a local contractor, Andreas Lins, became aware of Bosch Beton’s retaining walls. Since then, it has become impossible to imagine Fraxern without these Dutch retaining walls, and many houses and gardens in the village have since been enriched with a solid Bosch Beton retaining wall solution.

Compensating for height differences in mountainous regions

For many years, Andreas Lins has worked as a local contractor in the Feldkirch region in Austria. From the nearby Fraxern mountain village he has been involved in many local construction projects, whereby his specific expertise is earthmoving and wood construction. This is how, in 2016, Andreas, as subcontractor, became involved in the construction of a trout pond in the nearby village of Satteins. The project made use of Bosch Beton TWA125 retaining walls. Since then, Andreas has been importing retaining walls from the Netherlands for his construction projects. Because many homes in Fraxern are built on a mountain slope, almost every construction project requires a solid ground retaining wall due to height differences.

Numerous retaining wall applications

The fact that retaining walls can be used for many application areas is well-known. Retaining walls are a perfect solution for bridging the height difference between a garden and a paved surface, for example, and can be used in situations involving varying heights. The large variety of applications for which Andreas has used Bosch Beton retaining walls is evident from the end results he has produced for his clients.

As part of the renovation of a 19th century home, three new garage stalls were built below it. Various elements were used to redevelop the garden using a terrace-based concept, including six L050 elements and seven L075HAK elements. Nine L125200HAK elements were installed at the back of a newly constructed home to secure the neighbour’s garden at the back of the property located higher up on the slope. Four L-HAK elements, varying from 100 to 175 cm in height, were installed for a home on Dorfstraße street to create a stepless separation between the street and the upper garden. Since it was possible to seamlessly connect the asphalt to the retaining walls, Andreas, together with the municipality, created a very sleek end-result. L-HAK elements were also used in two other construction projects in the village to create a solid ground retaining wall.

Dutch retaining walls make the difference

For Andreas, there is no question that the Bosch Beton retaining walls make all the difference. A big advantage for Andreas is the fact that the retaining walls are available in a length of four metres and can be installed using a clamping system. Before he became familiar with Bosch Beton, he mostly had to rely on one to two-metre long retaining wall elements with hoisting points, as a result of which the required installation time was significantly longer. The extremely smooth finish and dimensional stability also make it a good choice for the ultimate client as it produces an extremely sleek end-result. Moreover, Bosch Beton thinks along with Andreas to make the logistics process as efficient as possible. In addition, the retaining walls virtually always are available from stock. Because of all these benefits and despite the fact that the retaining walls have to be transported more than 800 kilometres, the bottom line is that they are the best choice from both a financial and constructional perspective.

More information

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