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Bussum Zuid station more accessible for travellers

ProRail – responsible for the railway network in the Netherlands – is upgrading stations. Bussum Zuid station also underwent a metamorphosis. The station was difficult to access for older people, people with disabilities, parents with strollers and travellers with heavy luggage. The purpose of the upgrade was to make the station more accessible. Aannemingsbedrijf K. Dekker bouw & infra was contracted by ProRail for the renovation of the outdated station.

Earth retention system with concrete retaining walls

To create space, a structure of concrete retaining walls (L walls with heel) was selected. The walls serve as an earth retention system and are five metres high at the highest point. A section of the walls is bevelled and sawn mitred which creates a nice effect on the outsides. Bosch Beton was contracted by contractor Dekker to completely design, produce, deliver and install this structure.

A new traverse with lifts on both sides replaces the old skybridge. Groot Lemmer from Heerenveen constructed the hardwood bridge of 27 metres in length, 3.5 metres in height and 4 metres in width. The forecourts by the lifts were also improved, with this total upgrade making Bussum Zuid station much more accessible.


Koen de Koning, work foreman at Aannemingsbedrijf K. Dekker bouw & infra, is delighted with the end result: ‘I’m really pleased with the end result delivered by Bosch Beton. The preparations, design, contribution of ideas to optimise the structure, calculations in consultation with our constructor and the supply and installation on site all went extremely smoothly. And within ProRail’s strict safety regulations. I would certainly do this type of work with Bosch Beton again.’

Further information

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