Blog31 January 20234 min

Mandate for authorities to accelerate transition

We cannot avoid it, and nor should we want to! Sustainability is the theme of this century. That’s certainly the...

Blog21 March 20224 min

Retaining walls in and around water

Bosch Beton is regularly involved in various water projects. Read more in our blog 'Retaining walls in and around water'.

Blog8 February 20224 min

Building sustainably with concrete

Conscious handling of raw materials and production processes is becoming more important in the construction industry. How can you build...

Blog12 October 20213 min

Bosch Beton prepares for the future

Sustainability is very important to Bosch Beton. But how does Bosch Beton put sustainability into practice?

Blog5 August 20213 min

Why good maize storage is important

How a good silage clamp helps produce the best maize? In this blog you can find out more about how...

Blog2 August 20213 min

Together in public spaces

Together in public space. But how do we ensure an open and safe public space in which we can live,...

Blog26 May 20213 min

En route to sustainable infra

Many parts of the Dutch infrastructure are approaching the end of their technical lifespan in the coming years. Read in...

Blog15 March 20213 min

Good roughage is the basis for everything

Read in this blog 'Good roughage is the basis for everything' how you can save on high feed costs and...