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A different view of value in the concrete industry

At Bosch Beton we aim to realise a transition within one generation. A transition to more sustainable, future-proof and cement-free construction using concrete. This not only demands innovations, but it also demands a different approach to doing business and thinking about value.

28 September 2023

Let’s first consider that ‘value’ concept. In our economy, we’re used to measuring and expressing value in monetary terms. Hard figures. We only invest if it delivers more than it costs. Only if the bottom line shows we’ll make money. The higher the profits, the better our company has performed.

We don’t really consider the costs to others or to society. If we can’t calculate or rationalise what an investment will deliver for us, or if we don’t see those hard euros, there’s simply no investment value.

But value is profoundly more than just a financial KPI. Value is what we find desirable, important and worthwhile. Value is what you aspire to. This can be profitability, but it could also be sustainability, health, job satisfaction, a comfortable working environment, commitment, or just a warm heart. Yes, these may be intangible. And no, perhaps you can’t make them SMART. But deep down inside, you know and feel it’s the right thing to do. This broader view of value is important to us at Bosch Beton.

Aiming higher than the standard

As far as sustainability is concerned, we believe that we shouldn’t just do the minimum necessary to meet the standards set by legal obligations. It’s not about having to do things, but about wanting to do them. Having the sincere motivation to play your part. That’s why, for instance, we have 18,000 solar panels on our roof and use rainwater in our production process, which we then filter again after use. And we’re continuing to take new steps. We’ve recently purchased software that enables us to map our impact on people and climate.

This means we’re already ahead in terms of the introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in 2024. This European directive requires large companies to provide detailed reports on how they fulfil their social responsibility. Although Bosch Beton does not yet fall under this obligation, we believe that it’s invaluable that we have detailed insight of how sustainable our products and processes already are, as well as which next steps we can still take.

Accelerate by sharing

If you want to really make impact, you sometimes need to stick your neck out. To dare to invest your energy, time and money. But you also need to dare to share. For example, at Bosch Beton we’re doing a lot of research on the 100% cement-free retaining wall (geopolymer). To accelerate this development, we sought collaboration with an industry colleague. Our concrete technologists are now working together in an open source collaboration. And we’re doing this on a handshake basis, without long contracts full of detailed clauses. That’s because we believe that this is how we can create the most value and opportunities for our customers and the sector.

Inspiration from the new generation

We take inspiration from new generations for our broad view on value: from our own children and from young people who are concerned about the future of our planet. And from first-time employees who want to make a difference with their work, at a company that makes impact. They already have a very different view about values. We want to work with them to realise a transition within one generation. Working together towards 100% circular production of our retaining walls. Building a sound future together. Will you join us?