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Space-saving storage compartments at Tromp in Zuiderwoude

K.J. Tromp wanted to revamp and modify its site. Initially, our client had wanted to build new storage boxes using concrete lego blocks. But that was until he’d passed by Bosch Beton and spotted our retaining walls. He made a sustainable choice for the future by purchasing our retaining walls.

K.J. Tromp BV works on a variety of challenges including shoring, earthworks and demolition work. Our client had initially wanted to create storage containers from concrete lego blocks but passed by Bosch Beton and spotted various retaining walls on our site. He then contacted our team and became convinced that retaining walls rather than lego blocks were the answer for his new storage containers.

Space saving

One of the requirements for the new storage was to be able to fill the containers independently of each other. That’s why our client opted for partitioning walls with foot. The advantage of this is that both sides can be subject to stress. Opting for retaining walls saved Tromp space and guaranteed stability compared with lego blocks.

L Retaining walls

The two storage containers of around 8 x 10 metres are made from L200H walls of 2 m high.

L retaining walls with heel were developed specifically for medium load applications in civil engineering. The heel creates increased wall stability, enabling higher loads. After placement, our client can also have the wall finished with a gabion or fencing, if required.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for storage, please feel free to contact our consultants.