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Expansion of storage for demolition and recycling company with strong retaining walls

Bosch Beton supplied prefab retaining walls for the design and expansion of the site at Van Assen BV Sloopwerken en Recycling in Kootstertille (Friesland). The walls created storage compartments for composting, earth, sand and rubble.

Storage expansion

Jelle Bijlsma BV took over the existing Van Assen demolition and recycling company and wanted to expand and change the location. The company was in operation to recycle building and demolition waste (sorting, breaking up rubble, storage) and to trade in used building materials. The company expansion resulted in approximately 2.5 ha of extra space being released. This enabled an increase in the current activities involving the storage and mixing of earth, drying of dredging spoil and green composting.

Customised retaining wall solution

Retaining walls were used to realise the expansion for composting, a water basin and storage. For the storage of sand, earth and rubble, we placed over 260 metres of retaining wall with heel of 3 metres high. Over 330 metres of retaining wall were also placed, also of 3 metres high. To ensure that the compartments were sturdy enough and because some compartments are sometimes fuller than others, 3-metre-high T-walls were used across a distance of over 100 metres.

Service team

Our customer selected Bosch Beton because it is an established name on the market and the walls were economically priced. This concerned customised prefab work with multiple corner solutions. The service team helped ensure that the walls were placed quickly, directly from the truck. As the customisation was already prepared in the factory, no cutting needed to take place on location, which enables fast placement and ensures a very satisfied customer!

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for storage, please feel free to contact our consultants.