Bosch Beton - 'In de Heuvelrug' duurzame vakantiewoningen van keerwanden in Hellendoorn
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Unique holiday homes from retaining walls 'In de Heuvelrug'

There are five recyclable holiday homes in Hellendoorn, built using Bosch Beton retaining walls. It’s a unique design in keeping with the forest, meadow and lake environment on the border between Salland and Twente.

Hellendoorn is located at the foot of the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Hennie and Annie Reimert purchased land here in 2013 to work with nature as a hobby and keep cows. The Brandrode cows, a traditional Dutch breed, grazed on the grassland for five years, until Hennie and Annie discovered that this ground offered opportunities for a nature and water business. This idea appealed to the couple so much that they had the holiday home design developed at the drawing board. The design focused on the environment, recycling and the waste-free construction of the homes.

Recyclable homes

It didn’t take long to come up with the basis for the design, but how do you turn the design of building walls covered with soil into reality? They wanted to build the holiday homes independently with one span and no load-bearing internal walls. After a search of the market, the enterprising pair ended up at Bosch Beton; they wanted to build using the standard sizes from our range. If the homes need to be removed tomorrow, the walls and floor sections are reusable.

Fast construction

Bosch Beton retaining walls were used for the construction of the single-floor holiday homes. The TWA300 retaining walls were used within the homes. The walls on the outside of the homes were bevelled L300HAK retaining walls. The pair considered in advance which walls needed to be placed where so that delivery and placement took place in the right order. In just two days, the walls had been delivered and placed and ‘In de Heuvelrug’ started to take shape.

Stay in nature

The guests are enthusiastic about the holiday homes. On arrival everyone is given a tour in and around the home. Holidaymakers are amazed when they hear that the concrete that gives the homes an industrial look is not render but concrete retaining walls.

When the guests have shared their videos and photos with family and friends, their stay in nature can start. With the luxury of home and nature at your feet, the Twente and Salland countryside is a great place to be!
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Further information

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