Bosch Beton - Keerwanden zorgen voor zitplekken in openbaar park Roesskovsvej in Odense (DK)
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Retaining walls create seating in Danish public park

Roesskovsvej park in Odense, Denmark underwent a metamorphosis. Bosch Beton retaining walls were used to introduce height difference in the park, which created seating elements that can withstand impact. Our customer placed the walls at the park themselves.

Park for youth

A stunning social project! Various parks in the Bolbro district of Odense in Denmark were given a complete makeover to provide young people with a great place to hang out.
Roesskovsvej park was also revamped especially for local youth. Seating that could withstand impact was an important requirement and there’s now even a dance floor with lighting!

High finish level

Bosch Beton was able to arrange quick delivery of 48 L retaining walls of 75 cm high and two metres long. Our customer cut the walls to size themselves and placed them using their own clamp. They chose Bosch Beton to deliver the walls as we were able to deliver quickly and because the elements’ finish level is extremely high.

The revamped park officially started being used in late 2019.

Further information

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