Bosch Beton - Special keerwanden voor appartementencomplex ‘De Jonkvrouw’ in Geldrop
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Retaining wall specials for ‘De Jonkvrouw’ in Geldrop

Close to Geldrop station, contractor Huybregts Relou realised a new apartment complex, known as ‘De Jonkvrouw’. We supplied retaining walls to our client Strukton Civiel to absorb height difference at this project and to counter vibration. We prepared our L retaining wall specials in our factory.

Contractor Huybregts Relou built three apartment buildings along the railway line near Geldrop station. They constructed around two hundred homes: studios and apartments for assisted living, psychogeriatric apartments, social housing and private rental sector apartments. The area around ‘De Jonkvrouw’ will have a park-like feel, with footpaths and lots of greenery.

L retaining wall specials

To absorb height difference in various places, we supplied our L retaining walls of 4 metres high for our client, Strukton Civiel. As well as absorbing height difference, the retaining walls also ensure that no vibration from passing trains penetrates the apartments.

The walls for the new apartment complex were delivered in two phases. We prepared the customised concrete retaining walls at our modern factory in Barneveld. A total of fifty retaining walls were delivered to Geldrop.


One of our project managers visited the location in advance to discuss all the details and ensure that the placement would run smoothly and our Service Team provided on-site assistance during placement.

The retaining walls were placed in two phases. The phase 1 placement took place prior to the apartment complex construction and the phase 2 placement took place during the completion phase. As the location was difficult to access, it was a labour intensive and challenging job to place the walls. The retaining walls stand almost flush against the walls of the buildings. We placed the walls using a hydraulic vacuum clamp and our battery clamp.


Our Engineering Team made the calculations and drawings for the placement of the retaining walls at this new-build project. The L retaining wall with heel was developed especially for medium load applications in civil engineering and is available in various heights.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for Road & Traffic, please feel free to contact our consultants.