Bosch Beton - Nelson Mandelabrug, wandel- en fietsbrug in Lelystad
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Nelson Mandelabrug connects West and East Lelystad

Bosch Beton supplied LRH retaining walls to Oosterhof Holman for the new ‘Nelson Mandela’ cycle and pedestrian bridge. The aim is that this will provide a fast link between the Landstrekenwijk and the Campusgebied with Porteum secondary school in Lelystad. FARSK architecture agency produced the design for the new link bridge.

Heavy retaining walls

Bosch Beton supplied 220 metres of LR retaining walls with heel to Oosterhof Holman to construct the bridge. The LR retaining wall was developed especially for heavy load applications in civil engineering. We also used these walls when constructing the new fast cycle route from Nijmegen, via Malden and Mook to Cuijk.

Nelson Mandelabrug

The Municipality of Lelystad set various requirements for the new cycle and pedestrian bridge. Elegance, transparency and forming part of the landscape were important in the design. FARSK architect agency designed a bridge you can look through and also took the Flevopolder history into account. Until halfway through the last century, the Flevopolder was still the Zuiderzee, which is why the bridge resembles a ship and the sides of the bridge are similar to a 17th century ship construction.

The 240-metre-long bridge connects Landstrekenwijk and the Campusgebied with Porteum secondary school. The bridge crosses the Middendreef and provides a fast link between West and East Lelystad. Although the bridge was initially named Campusbrug, Lelystad municipality decided to name the new bridge after Nelson Mandela and this is now known as Nelson Mandelabrug.

The Municipality of Lelystad, Koninklijke Oosterhof Holman, Ohpen Ingenieurs & Innovators, FARSK architecten and WSP were involved in constructing the bridge.

Further information

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