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Faster cycle route from Nijmegen to Cuijk

Consortium Züblin-HSM was contracted by the Municipality of Cuijk to construct a new fast cycle route from Nijmegen, via Malden and Mook to Cuijk. A fantastic project on which Bosch Beton collaborated. The cycle route passes through varying landscapes and an important part of this new cycle route, part of the MaasWaalpad, is the cycle and pedestrian bridge over the Maas.


The bridge with access routes and stairs is 20 metres from and parallel to the existing rail bridge. The spans have a total length of approximately 215 metres and merge into an earthed embankment that serves as abutments. For this project, Bosch Beton installed retaining walls at both the Halderweg stairs and on the north side of the N271.

Heavy load

We visited the location in advance to survey and discuss the situation, after which our Engineering department produced the drawings and calculations. Due to the steep embankment and heavy load from the abutment, we advised using our LR-H retaining walls here. The LR-H retaining walls are developed specifically for extremely heavy loads and are finished with an extra-long foot and a heel. The walls are also constructed and produced in accordance with the stringent and strict safety requirements set by the German and European construction sector.

The first cyclists cycled over the bridge in September 2020.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for earth retention, please feel free to contact our consultants.