Bosch Beton - Verhoogd terras van keerwanden bij kadewoningen in Zwolle Stadshagen
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Elevated terrace at quayside homes in Zwolle

The quayside homes in the Stadshagen neighbourhood in Zwolle have a terrace that also forms the entrance to the home. Bosch Beton retaining walls enable residents to enjoy sitting at their elevated terrace in the summer. Dozens of metres of retaining walls were used for this, as well as steps.

Terrace and entrance

Bosch Beton helped add even more flair to the Stadshagen neighbourhood. Various quayside homes needed a terrace that would also serve as the entrance to the home. To absorb the resulting height difference, dozens of metres of retaining walls were used, including the required corner solutions and accompanying steps. A huge plus point is the standard smooth finish on all sides of the retaining walls.


The retaining walls give the neighbourhood an attractive look and offer additional living comfort, while the smooth sides of the walls provide that extra sleek look. The retaining walls were placed extremely easily using the supplied clamp. Residents in these homes can now enjoy sitting in the sun on their terrace in the summer, supported by our retaining walls.

The first houses in the Stadshagen neighbourhood along the Zwarte Water date from 1996. It is a modern neighbourhood with a diverse range of homes, views across the city and with its feet in the polder. Zwolle city centre and the Mastenbroek nature area are within easy reach by bicycle.

Further information

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