Dijk van Bosch Beton keerwanden voor rangeerstation De Vork in Haren (Groningen)
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Dike from retaining walls for De Vork depot in Haren

ProRail realised a new depot in Haren (Groningen): De Vork. Bosch Beton delivered retaining walls for this new site so that the full weight of the ground cannot be pressed down onto the gas pipes.


Groningen station will be changing considerably in the coming years. As well as extra tracks, there are plans for a travellers’ passage, a cycle tunnel and a bus underpass. Extra space is needed for this, which is why the depot on the south side of the station is being moved to ‘De Vork’ in Haren. De Vork is located where the tracks split on the Winschoten and Zwolle route. This site serves as parking for trains temporarily not in use. They are cleaned, refuelled and maintained here.

Unique retaining walls

The new 22-hectare depot includes an embankment that obstructs as much sound and light as possible. Our 6-metre-high retaining walls have been placed as the earthworks should not run over gas pipes. This ensures that the full weight of the earth cannot press down on the gas pipes and it is still possible to excavate these if necessary. The walls line up as a dike/earthwork, forming one unit.
A total of twenty-six retaining walls with heel were placed, varying in height from 2 to 6 metres with a design service life of a hundred years. All walls are bevelled.

Archaeological walk

As well as the depot, the area was also designed as an archaeological walk which has been open to visitors since June 2019. Before contractor Oosterhuis BV could construct the archaeological walk, extensive archaeological surveys were conducted, which resulted in some valuable finds. Traces of farms from Roman time and the late Iron Age were found, as well as ten kilos of flint.


The contractor selected us because we have walls of 6 metres high in our range, which is unique. Our commitment from the project start to finish and our service team’s assistance in placing the walls were also decisive factors in selecting Bosch Beton.
A fantastic collaboration with an extremely satisfied customer!

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for soil and garden, please feel free to contact our consultants.