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Custom anthracite retaining walls at TU Delft

Over the past two years, the Stevin area at TU Delft has undergone major renovations. During the redevelopment of the area, Bosch Beton delivered some 500 metres of anthracite-coloured L retaining walls to construct stairs, seating elements and a ramp for wheelchair users. We used the architect’s design to produce the customised elements at our sustainable plant.

Anthracite retaining walls

There has been so much building and renovation work going on in the Stevin area over the past two years. So many different materials had been used that the outdoor space was no longer cohesive. This is why BAM Infra was commissioned to redevelop the area. Stairs were created to connect Building 28 and the Echo Education Building. Anthracite-coloured retaining walls absorb the height difference and enabled us to realise seating elements and a ramp for people with an impairment. The anthracite walls form an amazing contrast with the paving they introduced. We placed a total of 500 metres of anthracite L retaining walls of 50 cm high.


We produce all prefabricated retaining walls in our own sustainable plant in Barneveld. This project required considerable customisation, which we prepared in advance. An advantage of such good preparation was that when constructing the stairs, which comprise multiple elements, the retaining walls fitted together straight away in the correct sequence at the site. Considerable ‘paving skills’ were required to complete the job but the result is simply stunning.

BAM Infra chose Bosch Beton as we were able to develop the architect’s design into an implementation design. Our own Engineering team produced the required drawings.


As standard, our retaining walls are finished smooth and light-grey in colour. However, we are increasingly being asked to produce so-called retaining wall specials where we are asked to make the walls rounded, bevelled, coloured, thickened or structured for our customer. And there is also a wide range of options in terms of finish.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for specials, please feel free to contact our consultants.