Jonge agrariërs van De Groene Kring en PJGU Langbroek bezoeken Bosch Beton
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Young farmers visit Bosch Beton

Bosch Beton likes to demonstrate its social involvement and is delighted to open its doors to others. For instance, in one week, we welcomed 90 young farmers from De Groene Kring in Leuven, Belgium and PJGU from Langbroek. Both youth associations were given a presentation about Bosch Beton, optimal ensilage tips and a tour of our modern factory.

18 November 2022

De Groene Kring

This umbrella young farmers’ organisation in the Flemish agricultural and horticultural sector has young people between 16 and 35 years among its members. Following a recommendation from one of our long-term Belgian customers, a delegation from this organisation visited Bosch Beton.

Brechtje van den Beuken-van den Bosch, one of the Bosch Beton CEOs, gave a presentation about our company, answered questions and discussed the expectations of and challenges facing youth in the sector. Cor Molenaar, one of our agricultural advisors, taught the young farmers more about roughage preservation. This was followed by a group tour around our modern factory. Following a delicious lunch and a great goodie bag, the group left for De Genders dairy farm in Giesbeek. The young farmers were given a tour of the shed at this agricultural farm and information about our silage clamp elements in combination with an Agridek cover system.

PJGU Langbroek

PJGU is a youth association with a predominantly agricultural background for and by young people from Langbroek and surrounding area. It’s a great and diverse group, and one of the members was involved in the construction of our new factory. Small world!

We received the group in Barneveld for a presentation and tour of the factory. This time, Gerard van den Bosch, also a Bosch Beton CEO, gave the presentation and answered questions from the audience. Cor Molenaar also talked about roughage preservation. Following this visit, everyone is now informed about our retaining wall solutions for silage clamps as well as all the options available for civil engineering. As there was no time left for lunch, the group was given a packed lunch to take with them. And, of course, they also received a goodie bag!
Their day continued with a look behind the scenes at Tobroco Giant, a machinery manufacturer in Oisterwijk that produces machinery including earth buckets.

Further information

If you’re interested in a company visit to Bosch Beton, or you’d like to know more about how Bosch Beton addresses corporate social responsibility, contact Brechtje van den Beuken-van den Bosch or Gerard van den Bosch.