Bosch Beton - Keerwanden met kokowall als geluidswand en terreinafscheiding in Boxtel
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Retaining walls with Kokowall as sound barrier in Boxtel

Retaining walls are extremely suitable as terrain fencing or as a sound barrier. Bosch Beton placed fifty concrete elements as soundproofing in Boxtel.

Bosch Beton realised terrain fencing in Boxtel that also serves as sound proofing. The soundproofing is finished with a Kokowall; a vegetation-friendly sound barrier with sustainable coconut fibre on the outside. No fewer than fifty 3-m-high L300 retaining walls with heel were used for this project. The placement was difficult as various trees needed to be retained. However, following good preparation by Schreuder bouwen langs water en wegen we succeeded!

Retaining walls as terrain fencing

Constructing terrain fencing from retaining walls is not only something companies use, private individuals, schools and sports associations also use this solution. The fencing then serves as a subtle yard fencing or to hide less attractive views. The partition doesn’t need to remain a grey concrete wall. A wood, masonry or vegetation finish gives the wall a different look, as in the case of Sportcentrum De Voorde in Voorthuizen.

Soundproof retaining walls

A strong partition with retaining walls also often needs to serve as sound proofing on business parks or along motorways. We did the latter, for example, along the A1 at Bathmen, where Bosch Beton placed anthracite walls. We adjusted our mix for this in line with the client’s reference sample. Climbing plants grow against this sound barrier, ensuring that it blends well with the landscape.

Satisfied customer

Our customer is extremely pleased with the end result. And is particularly pleased with the neat finish on all the sound barrier’s visible sides. As Bosch Beton had already previously worked with Schreuder bouwen langs water en wegen’s parent company, Remmits, the cooperation went well.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for terrain fencing, please feel free to contact our consultants.