Bosch Beton - Loading dock van keerwanden zorgt voor veiligheid bij VU Amsterdam
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Retaining walls ensure safety at VU Amsterdam loading dock

Trucks were causing unsafe situations during loading and unloading at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, which is why a new loading dock was constructed using Bosch Beton L retaining walls. For truck drivers the loading dock is now clearer and unsafe situations are a thing of the past. Changing the loading dock also created extra space for bicycle storage.

Loading dock

It was sometimes difficult for truck drivers to find their way to the old loading dock, resulting in hazardous situations occurring between trucks and cyclists during the delivery of supplies at VU Amsterdam.

That’s why a new loading dock was constructed using our L retaining walls of 150 cm high. As it’s now quicker and easier for arriving truck drivers to orientate themselves, the situation is much safer. The top of the loading dock was realised using Stelcon slabs with corner edging. The construction also created extra space for VU students to store their bicycles. And that’s no unnecessary luxury at a university at which almost 32,000 students study.

The most important thing is that the construction of the new loading dock resolved the safety issues when supplying and removing goods at VU Amsterdam!


Germieco, a specialist in civil engineering and a VU preferred supplier, prepared everything really well in advance. This meant that the concrete slabs and retaining walls could be placed directly from the truck, and ensured that the job was finished within a few hours.

Further information

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