Bosch Beton keerwanden bij XL Distributiecentrum Heylen in Almelo
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Retaining walls for distribution centre in Almelo

Bosch Beton placed 170-cm-high retaining wall specials without heel at a large new distribution centre on XL Business Park Twente in Almelo.

Commissioned by Heylen Warehouses, VDR Bouwgroep constructed a new distribution centre on XL Business Park Twente. The distribution centre is located on a plot adjacent to the Twente canal. 4-m-long retaining walls with a wall thickness of 20 cm were produced specifically for the loading dock side. In this case the walls have no heel as otherwise they would not fit with the loading docks’ poured concrete floor. A ramp was constructed to provide access to the hall. As heavy traffic can drive over the high side, this was taken into account when selecting the retaining wall. This is where the trucks drive in, which makes the high side the load-bearing side.
Everything was prepared at our plant to ensure that placement at our customer ran smoothly. We placed the walls at the site directly from the truck.

Heavy load

The LR retaining wall with heel was developed especially for the heaviest load applications in civil engineering. The heel offers increased stability, enabling higher loads. With its overall net height, the wall is easy to measure and install. The sturdy design makes this retaining wall extremely suitable for heavy loads.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for Road & Traffic, please feel free to contact our consultants.