Bosch Beton sleufsilo voor biogas-plant in Dartford (Kent) in Verenigd Koninkrijk
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Reliability and assurance for biogas plant

The biogas plant in Dartford, Kent in the United Kingdom wanted a silage clamp with vertical walls. In the past many vertical systems were unreliable and were often not up to the job. The client contacted us via ARK Agriculture. With its concrete retaining walls Bosch Beton offered assurance for the future.

The end client was seeking a silage clamp with reliable-quality vertical walls for the biogas plant. In the past many vertical systems were unreliable and were often not up to the job. The client got in touch with us via ARK Agriculture.

Heavy load

We offered a solution with three-metre-high L and T retaining walls that could withstand heavy loads of up to 20 ton axle weight. This is necessary because heavy machinery drives around the biogas plant. In addition to the delivery, we also professionally installed the 186 retaining walls and arranged for a builder to prepare the surface so that the client did not need to do this.

Quality and assurance

Our walls ensure that the client has high-quality concrete walls with a long service life, offering assurance for the future. Bosch Beton also provided the necessary statistical calculations in accordance with British Standards (BS). The client in Dartford receives regular compliments on the silage clamps, especially when they hear that it took just four days to install the silos.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for biogas plants, please feel free to contact our consultants.

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