Bosch Beton - Natuurlijke zwemvijver van keerwanden in Noordwijkerhout
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Natural swimming pond in Noordwijkerhout

A home in Noordwijkerhout has had a natural swimming pond installed in the garden using Bosch Beton retaining walls. We supplied the walls for the pond in three different heights.

Natural swimming pond

Specialist in civil engineering and landscaping works, Duijndam approached Bosch Beton for retaining walls to create a pond. The customer wanted this natural swimming pond to be constructed with a natural treatment system. He produced the design for the pond himself. We supplied our retaining walls for the pond in three different heights varying from 75 to 150 cm, sawing a large number of these to size and supplying two walls with fixed corners.

Strong retaining walls

With a pond, the look of a garden changes all the time, especially if it is a natural swimming pond like the one at this home in Noordwijkerhout. Here, the pond blends naturally into the garden, producing a stunning result. It is, however, important to first examine where the pond should be placed in the garden before starting construction and to inform your landscaper of these wishes. A natural swimming pond is relatively easy to construct using our reinforced retaining walls.

We had already worked with Duijndam a few years ago and they were very pleased again this time. And the end result is really worth it!

Would you also like a pond?

We often work with landscapers and retaining wall merchants. If you’re interested in retaining walls to construct a pond, natural swimming pond or other feature in your garden, please contact a landscaper or ask your landscaper to contact us. The landscaper will collaborate with us in taking care of all the preparations for placement in your garden. We always have plenty of retaining walls in stock so there shouldn’t be any delays.

Inspiration for your garden

The following images and options for your garden will offer you a wealth of inspiration and you can also read our gardening blogs Is your garden plan ready?, retaining walls as sound basis for a patio and garden at a higher level.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or other water solutions using retaining walls, please feel free to contact our team.