Bosch Beton - Boothuis van keerwanden bij B&B in Heerenveen
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Boathouse from retaining walls at B&B in Heerenveen

We see a lot of Bosch Beton retaining walls in the public space but they’re also used by private individuals as in this unique project in Heerenveen. Our retaining walls were used to create a boathouse at B&B ‘Uitgerust voor Zaken’. We used our heavy retaining walls to create a separation between quay and water.

Heavy retaining walls

Our retaining walls were used to construct a boathouse in this unique project. The retaining walls form a separation between quay and water and ensure that the B&B owners can protect their launches from all weather conditions throughout the year. The Bosch Beton heavy retaining walls are especially made to cope with the extreme loads caused by water or soil pressure, which is why these walls were used for this water project in Heerenveen.


Our constructor produced good calculations in advance. The piles were determining for the construction. We helped the owners make their decisions in terms of engineering and already incorporated recesses in the retaining wall heels during production in our factory.


We placed the retaining walls using a telescopic crane and a hydraulic retaining wall clamp. Our Service team assisted during placement. They visited the project in advance and coordinated all the details so that the placement was carefully prepared and ran smoothly.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for water, please feel free to contact our consultants.