Bosch Beton sponsort Zorgboerderij de Badhoeve met mestbak
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Sponsorship with a twist: new manure trough for care farm

Bosch Beton is a true family company and is very socially involved. This personal conviction means we want and believe we should give something back, and is why we were immediately enthusiastic about the request from Zorgboerderij de Badhoeve in Badhoevedorp. The care farm needed to replace its manure storage and we used our retaining walls to construct a new manure trough on the farm.

14 November 2022

Social function

Zorgboerderij de Badhoeve has a social function, which includes supplying food for the Foodbank, educating young people and introducing children to animals and nature. With their care farmers, they also welcome clients with special needs. KwikGielen Corporate Finance is a good associate of Bosch Beton and asked us to help with a new manure storage facility at the care farm. The farm is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers and partly relies on the business sector for support.

‘It’s great that we’ve been able to support Zorgboerderij de Badhoeve’s great work!’, stated Gerard van den Bosch, Bosch Beton CEO.

Retaining walls

It was a simple task for us to help the farm realise its new manure storage facility. Bosch Beton supplied three new corner retaining walls and eight standard retaining walls for the new manure trough, which is 5 x 7 metres in size and 1.25 metres high. As we sponsored a large proportion of the retaining walls, we made a great contribution to the foundation’s good work.

‘We built our new manure heap last week. It was almost a shame to use your beautiful, sleek concrete walls for such a purpose, but we are absolutely delighted,’ stated Laurens Koelewijn, KwikGielen Corporate Finance, on behalf of Zorgboerderij de Badhoeve.

Supporting good causes

Our social involvement also extends to supporting good causes, including Pink Ribbon, Kinderhospice Barneveld, our hauliers who transported items to Ukraine and one of our colleagues who is pedalling away to raise funds for more research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. As Bosch Beton, we have tremendous respect for all these causes, which is why we support them.

Further information

If you would you like to know more about our social involvement, please contact Bosch Beton CEOs Brechtje van den Beuken-van den Bosch or Gerard van den Bosch.