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New faces in the Bosch Beton management team

Bosch Beton has expanded its management with the arrival of two new management team members, Geert Hanssen (Commercial Director) and Marco Snelting (Operational Manager: Office), and the appointment of Production Manager Rijer van Varenkamp to the management.

As second-generation CEOs, brother and sister Gerard van den Bosch and Brechtje van den Beuken have been at the helm since 2019. Together with CFO Henk Hop, they form the Board of Directors and also manage the company. Under their leadership Bosch Beton has expanded to become a modern company with a focus on humane and sustainable management. With a team of some 100 colleagues, they realise over 4,500 retaining wall projects throughout Northwest Europe every year.

Rapid growth

The company has almost doubled in size over the past four years. Companies have also been established in Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark to facilitate international growth. The range of applications for retaining walls has expanded, as have the services and the number of partnerships in which Bosch Beton acts as preferred supplier. Bosch Beton is also increasingly involved in realising fantastic and unique infrastructure projects in partnership with major construction companies.


Safeguarding continuity

The arrival of the new management members heralds the formation of a new and broader Board of Directors-Management Team to safeguard the continuity and focus on the future. Gerard: ‘Brechtje and I are both extremely entrepreneurial and prefer to stay involved in innovation and new opportunities for growth. We still have so many ideas in this area.’ Brechtje: ‘But we don’t want to compromise on the service and quality people expect from us. So it’s important that daily operational affairs continue to receive the attention they need. The appointment of Marco (Operational Manager: Office ) and Rijer (Production Manager) create this assurance for our internal operations. With the arrival of Geert as Commercial Director, we are also creating that assurance externally towards our customers and regular partners. And our CFO Henk will ensure that everything we do is financially sound.


New energy

The new team is bursting with energy and is keen to get started. ‘We complement each other really well and look forward to working together. We’re working towards a cement-free generation and are in the midst of the raw material transition. That’s where the unique production opportunities and challenges lie,’ stated Rijer. ‘I set off for work every day with a smile, ensure that everything runs smoothly and that we continue to provide that familiar service and quality. And that also ensures that we can keep on innovating digitally,’ stated Marco. Geert is also confident about Bosch Beton’s future. ‘It’s so satisfying to see people working with incredible energy, passion and enthusiasm. There are so many commercial opportunities I’d like to grasp!’


We will be introducing the new MT members to you in more detail soon.