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KOMO certificate for Bosch Beton’s new factory

The date of Bosch Beton’s relocation to its new factory is fast approaching. In preparation for the move the production line at this new factory on the Harselaar industrial estate in Barneveld has already received KOMO certification in categories including ‘concrete construction units’ and ‘agricultural concrete products’. Production will get under way at the new site at the beginning of June and all retaining walls manufactured from that point on will once again be KOMO certified, as was the case at the old location.

23 May 2019

Independent quality assessment

On 15 May 2019 an independent expert from KIWA inspected and assessed the entire production process at the new location. How do the materials arrive, how are they processed, how are the concrete units produced and how do the concrete units leave production? Naturally, the cube compressive strength of the concrete units produced was also tested. And the results were positive: retaining walls are being manufactured in accordance with KOMO standards at the new location too!

New location, new certificate

KOMO certificates are based on a specific production site, in this case Kootwijkerbroek. “The relocation to our new site meant that new certificates were therefore needed. This inspection to obtain the KOMO certificates was performed before production got under way at the new location, which is situated just off the A1 motorway in Barneveld. That means all retaining walls manufactured at the new site will immediately have KOMO certification,” explains Frank Staal, Bosch Beton’s quality manager.

“Thanks to the KOMO certificate, the customer can be confident of receiving a product that satisfies the quality requirements laid down in regulations, as well as customer-specific requirements, and is manufactured under controlled conditions. An additional benefit is that KOMO-certified products are automatically assessed against the requirements of the Buildings Decree and requirements for constructions with an agricultural function, which means the structure can be optimally insured,” says Gerwin Willemse, Site Assessor at KIWA Netherlands. Bosch Beton has held these certificates since 1997 and was therefore one of the first companies to have its quality independently tested.

Gerwin Willemse, Site Assesor KIWA Netherlands