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First solar farm in Barneveld will be ready by end 2022

The site on the former Bosch Beton concrete factory location on Wesselseweg in Kootwijkerbroek is being given a new lease of life.

27 July 2021

Zonnepark Branderwal is being realised here: over 75,000 solar panels on a site of some twenty hectares. The site is currently being prepared for the placement of the solar panels.


The foundations of the former concrete factory – almost 20,000 tonnes of concrete sections – will be reused and processed into granulate, a kind of grit. This then forms the new raw material for the production of high-quality concrete retaining walls in the Bosch Beton factory in Barneveld.
‘This is entirely in line with the sustainability ideas we’re aiming for. It’s as though we’re devouring the old factory,’ stated Brechtje van den Beuken-Van den Bosch, CEO Bosch Beton.

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