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Good roughage in organic production

Trix goat milk farm in De Wilp, Groningen made the switch to organic production. They had three silage clamps and one manure silage clamp constructed to ensure good roughage storage. The silos were constructed using our retaining walls and equipped with the innovative Bosch Beton gutters.

Maatschap Borreman’s Trixgoat milk farm in De Wilp switched to organic production. This meant that they needed to feed much more roughage. The goat milk farm will be making lasagna pits in silage clamps to ensure good storage and a constant supply. Bosch Beton installed three large silage clamps and one manure silage clamp. The three silage clamps for roughage are equipped with a cover system.

Retaining walls and gutters

Our LA and TWA retaining walls were used for the silage clamps. The TWA retaining wall is a space-saving solution that can be loaded on both sides with a 20-tonne axle weight. The three large silage clamps are 60 metres in length, with the manure silage clamp dimensions being L 42 m x W 24 m.

The four silage clamps are also equipped with innovative Bosch Beton gutters for effluent and rainwater drainage.

Maatlat Schoon Erf (Certification system for sustainable, clean farmyards) and Clean Water

All silos meet the Maatlat Schoon Erf (Certification system for sustainable, clean farmyards) and Clean Water standards. In accordance with the European Water Framework Directive, farmyards play an important role in restricting emissions from farmyards into the surface water. This relates to emissions from manure, urine, compost, cleaning agents, pesticides and feed. Trix goat milk farm’s investments and transfer to organic production is a good contribution towards this.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for manure storage, please feel free to contact our consultants.

Build your own silage clamp

Use the Bosch silage clamp generator to build and submit your own virtual silage clamp in three steps. You will receive a non-binding advice within three working days of submission.