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Biofiltration a biological solution for nitrogen?

Throughout this nitrogen impasse, we have aimed to view problems as opportunities and consider biofiltration technology as a potential solution for removing nitrogen and particulates. Wageningen University (WUR) conducted a study on this. The Hartmann biofilter system is a sustainable system that uses minimum technology. What role do Bosch Beton retaining walls play in this?

Innovative filter system

The Hartmann biofilter system is a bio filter (also known as a ‘biobed’) that has been used in agriculture for years. The filter system guarantees maximum treatment of contaminated air for people, animals and the environment. The system uses no chemical substances, the lifespan is extremely long and maintenance costs are low. The filter system is an innovative and biological solution to odour nuisance as well as dust, particulates and nitrogen. As minimum technology is used, the system is robust and simple.

The system’s modular construction enables it to calculate what is needed at any particular time, ensuring that, for instance, humidity is maintained at the correct level on hot days. The Hartmann system is patented and has been in use since 2002.

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Retaining walls

We configure our L retaining walls in a square block to install the Hartmann biofilter system. The biofilter then fits within this block. Bosch Beton retaining walls are ideal for this as they are available in various heights and lengths.
We used such a configuration in Bad Bentheim.

Wageningen University Study

The Wageningen University (WUR) indicative study assessed the biofiltration technology for its ability to purify particulate matter in ventilated poultry house air. This study showed that biofiltration technology has potential.
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Further information

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