Bosch Beton - Drie sleufsilo's bij melkveehouder in Neerpelt (België)
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Quality silage clamps in Neerpelt, Belgium

Supplying good quality is the greatest challenge. With Bosch Beton, this Belgian farmer certainly made a good choice for his three silage clamps.


Hoeve De Heuvel in Neerpelt, Belgium is home to Parthenais cows, a French cow breed. The farmer uses grass and maize as roughage for the cows. The biggest challenge on the farm is quality and tidiness. This farmer came across Bosch Beton at a trade fair and became interested in our retaining walls. They also looked at other brands but in the end, due to the neat finish and quality, they chose Bosch Beton. The system that covers the silage clamp is also a good match for the walls. The silage clamp delivery and placement was realised within a short period of time and the finish was in accordance with agreement. We used our LA125V and U125 walls of 8 m wide, 36 m long and 1.25 m high for these three silos.

Importance of a good silage clamp

Good roughage is the basis for everything and means improved milk production from your cow. A good silage clamp is important to ensure reduced loss and to limit the buying in of additional roughage. Circular thinking and a good silage clamp also offer financial gains. A Bosch Beton silage clamp will last for generations and also complies with the latest regulations and quality requirements.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or our customised retaining wall solutions for silage clamps, please feel free to contact our consultants.

Build your silage clamp

Using our 3D generator, you can build your own silage clamp in three steps Decide what you are going to use the silo for, select a silage clamp wall type, and enter the dimensions of your silage clamp along with the axle weight. Make a selection for the paving of the farmyard, and any accessories and services required. You will receive a customized recommendation free of obligation within three working days of receipt of your application. If you would rather have personal advice, please contact our team.