Bosch Beton building new factory in Barneveld, Holland

During the first half of 2019, retaining wall manufacturer Bosch Beton will be relocating to a new, energy-efficient factory on the Harselaar industrial estate in Barneveld. This new building will be situated just a few kilometres from the company’s current premises in Kootwijkerbroek.

Covering an area of around 13 hectares, the easily accessible site will serve as the new base for Bosch Beton’s operations. It lies within the so-called Harselaar Triangle, between the railway line and the A1 motorway. ´In the future, following the construction of a planned rail terminal, we may be able to use the railway as a sustainable solution for the inbound and outbound transport of raw materials and products´, says Gert van den Bosch, director of the company, the leading manufacturer on the retaining wall market.

A relocation has been on Bosch Beton’s wish list for some time. Having spent years consulting with the municipality and going through planning procedures to develop access to the site, the 50-year-old company has now obtained the necessary permits.

BREEAM Outstanding
Bosch Beton is preparing the new site for construction itself, as well as taking care of the construction and development of the machinery. The multifunctional factory building has been awarded the highest sustainability label of ´BREEAM Outstanding´ and is largely being built by local companies, under the direction of the main contractor Van Mourik Bouw from Ophemert. Bosch Beton expects to be able to relocate by the summer of 2019.

Green energy
Following the move, Bosch Beton is keen to redevelop the current site in Kootwijkerbroek. It plans to construct a 10-hectare solar farm and a biodigester, which will be capable of supplying green energy to the new factory in Barneveld and the surrounding area in Kootwijkerbroek.

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