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Whether you’re a commercial talent, a top marketeer, a planning whiz kid, a real go-getter or you’re seeking an internship place, if you think you can add value to Bosch Beton, please get in touch. Because we’re certainly looking for you!


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Winners Bosch Beton silage clamp win campaign announced!

The drawing of our silage clamp win campaign took place recently. The notary came by to draw two winners and...
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Femern A/S

Bosch Beton collaborates with FLC for the Fehmarnbelt project

Fehmarn Link Contractors (FLC) has chosen Bosch Beton to supply concrete barriers for a tunnel which will enable a shortcut...
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Dutch dairy saves time with powered silage clamp cover rollers

There can’t be many jobs in farming more dreaded than sheeting and unsheeting silage clamps, with mere mention of the...
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Carbon labels on retaining walls: How and why?

Bosch Beton and many other concrete industry manufacturers are facing the challenge of making the carbon impact of our concrete...
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‘Concrete changes’ with carbon labels for green construction

Bosch Beton is committed to the sustainable production of retaining walls. An important next step in our commitment to sustainability...
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After the rise comes the fall, doesn’t it?

With the market decline we’re now seeing a reversal in this movement: the reduction in raw material and fuel prices...
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Another CSC Gold for Bosch Beton!

We were awarded another CSC Gold certificate on Monday, 28 August 2023. This quality mark is a guarantee of sustainable...
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(v.l.n.r. Rijer van Varenkamp, Henk Hop, Geert Hanssen, Brechtje van den Beuken, Gerard van den Bosch, Marco Snelting)

New faces in the Bosch Beton management team

Bosch Beton has expanded its management with the arrival of two new management team members, Geert Hanssen (Commercial Director) and...
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Onvoorziene prijsstijgingen

Independent prices

Due to the continuing demand, the shortage of materials and the sometimes reduced production capacity because of COVID-19, the construction...
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3rd generation concrete recipe is born!

If, as a company, Bosch Beton is to continue in the future and pass the company on to the next...
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