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Another CSC Gold for Bosch Beton!

We were awarded another CSC Gold certificate on Monday, 28 August 2023. This quality mark is a guarantee of sustainable concrete production.

14 September 2023

CSC certification for sustainable concrete

In 2017 we were the first retaining wall supplier to receive the CSC bronze certificate. In 2018 we received a silver and we received our first CSC Gold in 2019. The CSC quality mark is from the Concrete Sustainability Council, which works internationally to promote concrete as a sustainable building material. This certificate offers our customers a guarantee that our products and raw materials are produced in a responsible and sustainable way. The global quality mark is and remains the standard for sustainable production and business operations, and offers the following certification levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

The CSC quality mark comprises four categories of sustainability criteria:

  • Business operations/management
  • Environmental aspects
  • Social aspects
  • Economic aspects

Social aspects include health and safety, but integrity and business ethics are also considered. The environmental category investigates such things as responsible land use, energy and climate systems, water management, LCA data and transport.


Bosch Beton achieved a gold certificate with an average score of 82.61%,  achieving 100% for health and safety, and 87% for environment!

Although a score of 82.61% is sufficient to achieve the highest platinum certificate, this is only issued if suppliers have also achieved at least a gold status. This ensures that the entire chain is taken into account. Our suppliers have not yet achieved this status.

Frank Staal

‘”Our next goal is to work with our suppliers to increase our sustainability ambitions, so we can help each other achieve a higher level.”

CSR within the concrete industry

Our score demonstrates that within this industry, we desperately need each other’s input and certifications if we want to deliver even better performance in the future. And, of course, to keep challenging ourselves and remaining critical.

We aim to start dialogue with those suppliers who want to engage in this process and meet the strict CSC certification requirements. This adds value and provides a common goal for all players within the industry.

There’s still a lot of progress to be made in the concrete industry, an industry that actually produces no fewer than 7% of the total carbon emissions. It is essential that we realise that this is not just the responsibility of individual companies: it demands collective effort. We need cooperation within the entire industry to achieve real impact and generate change.

Wouter Slot
Projectassistent Duurzaamheid en Innovatie

”It’s crucial that we take action. Engaging with these issues is simply vital if we are to ensure a healthy and safe environment for generations to come. This goes hand in hand with preserving ecosystems and combating global climate change, but also involves protecting the health of individuals and promoting moral and ethical conduct.”

Sustainable ambitions

Sustainability is a high priority for Bosch Beton. We aim to minimise our own footprint and that of our customers by working with sustainable raw materials and using a sustainable production process, which reduces our products’ impact on the environment.

We also work with pure and high-quality raw materials to guarantee that our products are fully recyclable after their service life.

If you would like to read more about our sustainability ambitions and our cement-free concrete, please click below: