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Two silage clamps for Belgian goat farm

Bosch Beton placed two silage clamps on the farmyard of Belgian goat farmer, Tommy Meir, in 2016. We used L125 HEEL retaining walls and U walls for these 1.25-metre-high clamps.

Tommy Meir became the proud owner of the goat farm in Noorderwijk in 2014. He was seeking another challenge as he no longer found his work as a carpenter satisfying enough. And he certainly found that, as is clear from the enthusiasm and energy he puts into his goat farm. He is greeted by a flock of happy goats when he enters the shed every morning. He milks them with his father, who is a huge help.


As the goat farmer enjoys using the latest innovations, the goats each have their own electronic number indicating exactly how much milk each goat gives. He intends to expand the farm with animals that yield the most milk. The greatest challenge here is to get the highest quantities of milk from the smallest numbers of goats. He is aiming for four litres of milk per goat from a flock of eight hundred goats. Within ten years he’d like to have 1,000 goats and already has expansion plans for a milk shed for four hundred goats.

Bosch Beton silage clamp

The goat farmer requested quotations for new silage clamps from various brands and Bosch Beton was rather quick in responding with a correct and clear quotation that offered him a favourable price. The collaboration with the Bosch Beton contact person also helped with the decision, the result being our placement of two 60-metre-long silage clamps with L HEEL and 1.25 metre-high U retaining walls on the farmyard in Noorderwijk. The clamps were fitted with lashing straps and were finished with bitumen sealant.

He simply loves being involved with the goats. ‘It’s just fantastic if the lambs do well and the young animals start jumping around the shed’, stated the farmer.

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