Bosch Beton - Werkt mee aan ProRail-project Perrons Op Norm, onder andere in Hollandsche Rading
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Station Hollandsche Rading gets ‘Standardised Platform’

Bosch Beton worked together with Dura Vermeer Infra Regional Projects on ProRail’s ‘Standardised Platforms’ (PON) project, for which we delivered retaining walls. This huge project started in Hollandsche Rading.

Standardised Platforms

The purpose of ProRail’s major station contract was to adapt all Dutch platforms to the same platform height to ensure that disabled travellers can travel independently by train.

A first: Hollandsche Rading

Approximately seventy platforms need replacing, with ProRail renovating seventeen stations in 2021. In February 2021 NS station Hollandsche Rading was the first. The station dates from 1885, is also known as ‘The Gothic Arches’, and is located on the railway line with ‘heritage’ catenary gantries that have been on the National Monument list since 2001. The new sustainable platform walls were placed on platform 1 first. The use of recycled platform tiles also means that the new platform is circular. Bosch Beton retaining walls were also used for the entrance to platform 2.

Stations in Soest, Soestdijk, Heeze and Baflo (up to week 28) have now also been adapted. As Soestdijk station is on a bend, Aannemersbedrijf Wallaard used various sections in metres here. And in Baflo, Van Ooijen Gouda constructed a ramp using the platform walls. Lunteren and Lage Zwaluwe are scheduled to be updated before the construction worker holidays.

Long-term collaboration

We worked previously with Dura Vermeer on the Chèvremont project station in Kerkrade. Dura Vermeer approached us for retaining walls again for the ‘Standardised Platforms’ project. We contributed ideas and produced the calculations. The special platform wall has been optimised and we are producing a new sustainable concrete mixture. We produce the walls in our own state-of-the-art factory in Barneveld. The elements are KIWA certified in accordance with the latest ProRail product specification. The wall shapes are optimised and satisfy the required ECI value. Usually, the standard length of the platform walls is one metre but we produce walls in two-metre lengths, which means more efficient use of materials and savings on transport.

In the ‘Standardised Platforms’ project, we also worked with partners including Wallaard Noordeloos and Van Ooijen Gouda.

Bosch Beton places a high priority on sustainability and innovation and is working towards 100% circular production of our retaining walls in the future.

Further information

If you would like to know more about this project or other rail projects, please feel free to contact one of our civil engineering consultants.

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