Bosch Beton - Radius keerwanden voor uitzichtpunt in Rhenen
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Radius retaining walls for viewpoint in Rhenen

The design of the viewpoint on the Nederrijn river in Rhenen incorporated a curve. Bosch Beton produced customised radius retaining walls for this, which were then finished with brickwork. The retaining walls were also used to construct a ramp leading to the viewpoint.

The ‘Rhenen’ and ‘Rijnburg’ floodplains are located to the south of Rhenen. These recreational areas are popular with cyclists and walkers because of the stunning views of the Nederrijn floodplains. A viewpoint has been constructed overlooking these floodplains to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the views. The panoramic viewpoint was achieved using special Bosch Beton radius retaining walls.


We produced customised retaining walls for this project. We discussed the customer’s wishes and requirements in cooperation our client and contractor, Jos Scholman. As the viewpoint design incorporated a curve, a radius was needed in the retaining walls. We then produced the retaining walls in our Barneveld factory. The retaining walls were not only used to realise the viewpoint but also to create a ramp, ensuring that this stunning place is accessible for all.


We supplied our retaining walls with heel for this project as that makes it easy to lay brickwork. The retaining walls themselves are no longer visible as they’re finished with brickwork. A railing has also been fitted on top of the walls to ensure that everyone can safely enjoy the views across the stunning Dutch landscape.

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