Bosch Beton - Innovatieve oplossing onder water voor rwzi De Sumpel in Almelo
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Innovative solution under water for RWZI Almelo

This was a challenging job at De Sumpel wastewater treatment plant (RWZI) in Almelo. The RWZI was no longer up to standard and needed an upgrade. Waterschap Vechtstromen opted for the innovative solution of a concrete tank-in-tank construction using Bosch Beton retaining walls. A team of divers was then called in to place Bosch Beton retaining walls below water.

Innovative solution

De Sumpel wastewater treatment plant in Almelo was constructed in the 1970s and was in urgent need of renovation. The plant simply no longer met today’s standards. However, after receiving the initial design from Waterschap Vechtstromen it became clear that the costs would far exceed the proposed budget, which is why the Water Board devised an innovative solution in partnership with a third party. The parties used 150 linear metres of Bosch Beton TWA and L retaining walls.

Concrete tank-in-tank

It was left to a team of experts to devise a creative, sustainable and particularly cheaper solution to renovate the wastewater treatment plant. A tank-in-tank construction was to offer the solution in which a concrete tank of around five by four metres and 36 tonnes was placed inside the existing aeration circuit. The new tank enables the bacteria to really get to work to treat Almelo’s wastewater.

Team of divers

Despite the fact that this solution was new and had never previously been tried, the entire process ran smoothly. With the placement of the concrete tank and new retaining walls, the wastewater treatment plant now meets today’s standards. The placement of Bosch Beton walls was also quite a challenge. A specialist diving team was called in to place the retaining walls securely below the water level while the wastewater treatment plant was in full operation.

The result is a stunning plant in which our retaining walls played a crucial role.

Further information

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