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Yard fencing from retaining walls between homes

Landscaper Ronny Kroeze achieved sleek and stunning yard fencing using Bosch Beton retaining walls. He placed L retaining walls without heel at a home in Barneveld to form a separation between two homes. Although he had never used our retaining walls before, he is now familiar with all their features.

Retaining walls as yard fencing

You sometimes need to bridge the height difference between a garden and a pavement, or create a strong and sleek partition between two homes. The residents at a home in Barneveld asked landscaper Ronny Kroeze to create yard fencing between their home and that of their neighbours. So, in addition to their earth-retaining function, the retaining walls also serve as concrete fencing.
Bosch Beton supplied L retaining walls without heel in various sizes for this: L100, L075 and L050.


It is relatively easy to create fencing using retaining walls, whether that is terrain or yard fencing. Landscaping and other companies regularly contact us for this application. For example, in Soest, L-retaining walls were used to bridge height differences. In Tilburg, retaining walls provide an easy entrance to residents’ gardens. And during the coronavirus lockdown periods a cafe owner in Kootwijkerbroek used retaining walls to create temporary but safe terrace partitioning.

Although the landscaper had heard of Bosch Beton retaining walls, he had never used them. He is now familiar with all the features of our walls and is delighted with our service!

Further information

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