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Second generation takes the reins at Bosch Beton

On 1 November 2019 brother and sister Gerard van den Bosch and Brechtje van den Beuken – van den Bosch formally took over the 50-year-old company Bosch Beton from their father Gert van den Bosch. Bosch Beton has been manufacturing and supplying prefab retaining walls to customers in North-Western Europe since 1968 and the takeover by the next generation fits in perfectly with Bosch Beton’s strategy of guaranteeing continuity.

14 November 2019

Gert van den Bosch, former director of Bosch Beton: “Ensuring the continuity of the business has always been of the utmost importance. The takeover by Gerard and Brechtje means that I am leaving the company in good hands. They both have a wealth of experience and, as young entrepreneurs, are ideally placed to understand what matters in today’s market (sustainability, management, marketing, etc.). With the arrival of the new generation the focus will be placed on increasing the sustainability of the production process and in this way safeguarding our position on the market.”

The new owners and directors started working within Bosch Beton at a young age. After gaining experience with other employers they felt the pull of the family business.

Having both returned to the Bosch Beton ‘nest’, they have been responsible, alongside their father, for the day-to-day operational management of the business for some years now.

About Bosch Beton

Bosch Beton is the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to the sale, delivery and placement of prefab retaining walls. In recent years the company has also successfully entered foreign markets.

It now serves customers from the agricultural and civil engineering sectors in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. Last June the company moved to new premises in Barneveld, where it manufactures its products using a sustainable, energy-neutral process.

Opening of new factory

On 1 November Bosch Beton opened its doors to partners who had been directly involved in the construction and realisation of the new factory. The following day it was the turn of the families and friends of all the company’s employees. More than 1,800 guests attended the event in total. The official opening of the new factory by the town’s mayor, Asje van Dijk, on Friday 1 November marked the beginning of a new era, both literally and figuratively, for the concrete producer in Barneveld.

Redevelopment of old factory site

Through the company Bosch Beheer BV, Gert van den Bosch, together with his son Brand Jan van den Bosch, will continue to focus on new, sustainable activities linked to energy, concrete and area development. They plan to completely redevelop the old factory site to create a modern, green energy park, for example. In addition, they will develop new concrete-related activities with an emphasis on reusing materials and cutting CO2 emissions. Where there is common ground with Bosch Beton, this will be utilised to strengthen both organisations.

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