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Social Return On Investment (SROI)

Social return on investment is a method to create employment for people who have a disadvantage on the labour market. This method ensures that people with a disadvantage on the labour market can still find work.

Our colleague, Wim, has suffered brain damage resulting in physical impairment. Despite this, he still has spatial awareness and can produce technical drawings with one arm. We worked with Wim to determine which activities are still possible. As our technical drawing programme is ‘pre-programmed’, he can draw without the need for knowledge of construction. His colleagues check his work and support him. Wim cannot work very long hours but has been working part-time at Bosch Beton for ten years now and is fully integrated in the team.


People can rely on support from Bosch Beton. We don’t do this for our own benefit or to gain from this ourselves. We sponsor customer days, Goat Day and host working groups etc. But we also sponsor local and regional events such as Trekkertrek (tractor tug of war), Megapull Stroe truck & tractor pulling, Glow in the dark tour at Christmas and the Kootwijkerbroek truck festival.

Supporting good causes

Our social involvement also extends to supporting good causes, including Pink Ribbon, Barneveld Children’s Hospice, our hauliers who transported items to Ukraine and one of our colleagues who is pedalling away to raise funds for more research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. As Bosch Beton, we have tremendous respect for all these causes, which is why we support them.

Bosch Beton - Sponsoring kinderhospice


We demonstrate our social involvement by supporting local and other initiatives that are in line with our company, our core values and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It’s not much trouble for us to open up our premises and, in doing so, contribute to the good work of others.

Reddingshonden trainen op terrein bij Bosch Beton